Poems, quotations, lyrics, and speeches commemorate a special occasion, and for those I will create a unique gift.


It could be enhanced with gilding, embossing, colours - whatever is right for you, it will be entirely personal. All original artworks are on good-quality materials with, as far as possible, no-fade paints and inks.

The cost of a commission will take into account the amount of text, complexity of design, use of colour and gold, and the urgency of your deadline. I also write and paint on fabric, stones, and wood.

If you want to ask for a quote, I need to know the following:

  • your deadline

  • your text

  • any particulars (eg. colours, size, occasion, formal/informal, etc)

Please note that I do NOT do framing, drawing/illustration, family trees, or logo design. But I can certainly direct you to other calligraphic artists who are experts in these areas.

Some designs that you see on my website can be repeated or adapted, so please ask if there is something specific you like.  


If you need text written on invitations, placecards, certificates, bookmarks, and in books, tell me your needs and I'll give you a price. As a guide, names on invitations are usually about £1 per entry (eg. Mr and Mrs John Bloggs), and placecards 85p. Any colour to complement or match can be mixed, so black is not your only option.  

All names need to be supplied as they are to be written. Italic and Copperplate are the most popular for weddings and special events, but I do many other suitable scripts. If you want to see more detailed samples that don't appear on my website, send me an email for further enquiries.

variety of Placecards

variety of Placecards



Alice-in-Wonderland themed Placecards (name on one side, book quote on the other)

Alice-in-Wonderland themed Placecards (name on one side, book quote on the other)